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music association of central texas


Joining the Music Association of Central Texas can be a smart move for your music career or your music related business. Besides many networking opportunities, MACT hosts spotlight events all through the year only open to MACT members.   If you live between the Dallas area and Austin area, there really isn't any representation for musicians that don't live in the big cities.  MACT is that representation.  We also host the Groovy awards celebrating the best Central Texas has to offer and free admission to all members.  Join today and get in touch with us, watch for announcements, join the facebook page and get your music career on the right track.

The Groovy Awards

MACT hosts the only awards given to Central Texas musicians and venues.  Your membership guarantees free admission, the opportunity to be considered, and the right to vote.  Don't miss out on being recognized for your unique talent.

Increase your visibility in the community

As a new member of MACT, you will become part of our Facebook family and can post your events.  Your name, band, or venue will be listed on our website. You may be listed in newsletters, highlighted in one of our many events, and many other opportunities to increase your visibility.

Membership brings credibility 

You can increase positive perception among venues, other musicians and the community when you’re identified as a member of MACT. 

Promotion and publicity

If you are a music business or venue, an MACT membership can help you reach potential clients through member exclusive advertising and opportunities for business-to-musician advertising and publicity.

MACT events and programs

MACT hosts events and programs throughout the year and at different venues around Central Texas.  MACT hosted the Spring Block Party on Austin Avenue & the Fall Festival in downtown Waco.  Also, often at O'Briens Pub in Temple.  MACT also hosts jams, competitions, and musicians spotlights, along with monthly member meetings.


As a member, you will have many opportunities to meet the movers and shakers in music in Central Texas. MACT's fundamental mission is to generate more activity, and more live music for the community.  MACT has a large networking community in all of Central Texas, encompassing several counties.

Access to members-only discounts and services

MACT partners with music venues, and music business ventures to provide as many various discount programs as possible that can only be enjoyed by MACT members.

If you still don’t think you have time to join and participate in the Music Association of Central Texas, consider the following:

  • Most musicians think that being active in MACT is an effective strategy overall. It’s for communicating to music consumers and fans that you are a serious musician and understand that all opportunities in the music industry must be followed to gain the success you seek and desire.
  • If a musician shows that they are highly involved in the local music scene, venues may be more motivated to hire you or your band.
  • You need as many opportunities as you can to further your career.  The contests, events, and spotlights are unique, well advertised, and the best of the best musicians and music industry professionals are there giving you an opportunity to be heard and be considered a part of the music industry in central Texas.   
  • The Groovy awards is a big deal.  It happens every year and earning an award can be the one thing that furthers your career and makes it easier to get gigs.  
  • With the many opportunities, discounts, free admission to events, the membership pays for itself.  Sign up today and get your career on track today.


MACT is a nonprofit organization which provides regular meetings, events, and fundraising to recognize and develop talent, discuss and resolve relevant issues, and provides networking opportunities for all interested and/or involved in live music performance in the Central Texas area."

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