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music association of central texas

monica shannon

Monica Shannon:

Monica brings with her a unique combination of business skills and uncompromising work ethic  to her position of Secretary of the MACT Board of Directors.  Her extensive background in local business and her experience in the visual arts has proven to be an immense boost to furthering the mission of MACT, particularly in planning and executing MACT events and fundraising efforts uniting the local music and arts communities.  Monica is also executive director and founder of Texas Fine Artists, co-founder and organizer of Waco Artists Market, executive director of Waco Educators Alliance, and an insurance agent licensed to provide healthcare coverage for anyone living in the state of Texas.  “I hope my skills and talents can help organize, develop, and support live CenTex music through my involvement as a member, board member, and secretary of the MACT Board of DIrectors”. 

Casey Stanislaw

Vice President  

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James Stone

Board Member


MACT is a nonprofit organization which provides regular meetings, events, and fundraising to recognize and develop talent, discuss and resolve relevant issues, and provides networking opportunities for all interested and/or involved in live music performance in the Central Texas area."

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